Wooden Shipping Crates and Cases

Wooden Shipping Cases and Crates

Wooden Shipping Crates & Cases

Bespoke & Custom Made Heat Treated ISPM15 Wooden Packing Crates, Cases & Pallets Made to Order.

We can manufacture your IPPC ISPM15  heat treated wooden shipping crates and cases quickly to ensure your exports don’t experience costly transport delays & missed shipping deadlines due to the lack of suitable wooden export packaging. Heat treated ISPM 15 open wooden pallets can also be custom manufactured with very short lead times when they’re required as an alternative to packing cases.

We work with some of the world’s best known companies & brands to ensure their goods are well protected during transit but are equally at home working with smaller companies or even individuals that require quality shipping cases, crates or boxes.

Our shipping crates and cases can be produced for anything from small pieces of artwork such as paintings right up to cases large enough for prototype vehicles. So whether you’re a major motor manufacturer that requires an ISPM15 case or crate for a complete vehicle or an independent artist, art dealer, museum, gallery or an auction house looking for a bespoke wooden case to protect an item of sculpture or other art during export — we are here to help.

Get in touch and talk to us about your particular project.

Heat Treated ISPM15 Wooden Shipping Crates and Cases

Wooden Export Crates & Cases — Same Day Build & Delivery

Whilst we prefer a little more notice, we are often asked by desperate clients to produce & deliver wooden shipping crates and cases on the same day they place their order.

We can very often achieve their demanding deadlines — allowing the exporting of an urgent item on the day of  the case order or the following day. So even if your requirement seems impossible, don’t give up, give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help.

You can choose from our solid build or collapsible export cases but our solid built wooden cases can be produced more quickly if time is of the essence.

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Custom Made Shipping Crates & Cases

We can manufacture wooden shipping cases in any size required with wheels, casters, sliders, compartments & strapping points to suit your needs.

So whether you require a small ISPM 15 case for a small piece of expensive artwork or one large enough to protect a full size vehicle we can provide the perfect solution.

All cases are ISPM 15 certified allowing them to be exported to all parts of the world including EU countries that previously did not require certified packaging.

Our crates are regularly used for prototype EVs (electric vehicles) including cars, vans & motorbikes. We work with several F1 teams to ensure damage free transit of components etc to Grand Prix & other motoring events worldwide.

Custom Made Wooden Shipping Crates and Cases

LED Display Wooden Shipping Crates and Cases

LED Display Wooden Shipping Crates & Cases

We regularly produce wooden shipping crates and cases to protect large screen LCD & LED displays & TV’s for U.K. & international exhibition & event organisers.

Our bespoke wooden cases & crates for displays are the perfect way to ensure the safe transit of panels for your LCD & LED Video Walls — ensuring you are not left disappointed with damaged audio visual equipment & unable to make the impact you wished when setting up your stand or conference.

Get in touch now to discuss wooden shipping crates with one of our friendly team members.

Small Wooden Shipping Crates & Cases.

Sometimes our clients are determined not to break any records…so when they have a very rare & extremely valuable vinyl album to ship overseas they know exactly where to turn.

However small the item you need to protect is: a Defenda case will give you peace of mind that your item will reach its destination intact.

Small Wooden Shipping Crates and Cases
Long Collapsible Packing Case

Collapsible Shipping / Export Cases

We can also produce collapsable cases that can easily be assembled using clips. These allow easy storage of the cases until they are required and can be disassembled after use and reused when required.

These cases are constructed using OSB and do not require ISPM 15 certification for international shipping.

Heat Treated Pallets ISPM 15 Certified

We manufacture ISPM 15 certified pallets from heat treated timber in both the standard UK pallet size of 120cm x 100cm (1200mm x 1000mm) & Euro pallet size of 120cm x 80cm (1200mm x 800mm).

If you require bespoke heat treated pallets custom made in other sizes for exporting to the EU or Worldwide we can manufacture your desired made to measure ISPM 15 pallets with incredibly short lead times.

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets
OSB Shipping Case With Clips

Defenda Clip Lock Collapsible Crates, Cases & Boxes

Defenda Crates Supply a Convenient Clip Lock Wooden Case as an Easy & Strong Reusable Packaging Solution.

We regularly produce wooden shipping cases to protect large screen LCD & LED displays & TV’s for U.K. & international exhibition & event organisers.

Our bespoke wooden cases & crates for displays are the perfect way to ensure the safe transit of panels for your LCD & LED Video Walls — ensuring you are not left disappointed with damaged audio visual equipment & unable to make the impact you wished when setting up your stand or conference.

Get in touch now to discuss wooden shipping crates with one of our friendly team members.

Contract Packing Services

Why not avoid the hassle of packing your own cases & crates? As professional contract packers we can collect your items from anywhere in the UK and bring them back to our Coventry unit to be professionally packed.

Once your goods or personal possessions are safely packed in their container we can even get you a quote on marine insurance and provide you with a very competitive shipping price to almost any destination in the world. Choose from door to port, port to port or door to door and we’ll do the rest.

Freight Forwarding

As an independent transport company & freight forwarder we can arrange for one of our agents to be on-site and organise the customs clearance of your cargo at its port of entry & then facilitate the transporting of your shipment to its final destination.

Wooden Shipping Crate on Forklift

ISPM15 Packaging – What are the Regulations?

What Exactly Does ISPM15 Stand For?

The term ISPM15 stands for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15.

What Packaging  Do The ISPM15 Regulations Apply To?

ISPM15 regulations apply to all wooden transit packaging materials including: pallets, wooden shipping cases and shipping crates. They determine that all solid wood and wooden packaging materials over 6mm thick & used for exporting must be treated for pests.

Why Do Wooden Packaging Regulations Exist?

The regulations exist in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases sometimes found in wooden packaging that could be transmitted across national borders & have an extremely damaging impact on delicate ecosystems.

What Does This All Mean For Using Wooden Cases, Pallets & Shipping Crates For Exports?

The regulations simply mean that your wooden packaging materials must be treated, normally heat-treated, before use in order to destroy any pests or diseases that may be present in the wood. They must also be stamped with the wheat-sheaf symbol & ISPM15 details.

How Has The Movement of Goods Using Wooden Packaging Been Affected by Brexit?

If you’ve been asking yourself “do wooden pallets, wooden export packing cases or crates need to be ISPM15 certified to be used to send goods to the EU?” the following should help.

Pre Brexit

Prior to the UK leaving the EU on 1st January 2021, there was no requirement for EU member states to use heat-treated wooden packaging, such as: wooden cases, pallets and shipping crates for the movement of goods between member nations, which at that time included the UK.

ISPM15 compliant wooden packaging was however required to import goods into the EU from non-EU countries.

Various countries outside the European Union also required the use of only heat-treated wooden packaging for imports bound from other countries, including EU members.

Post Brexit

After leaving the EU on 1st January 2021, the UK became subject to the laws surrounding the use of wooden transit packaging applied to other non-EU members. The law changes mean that all wooden packaging travelling between the UK & the European Union, must now also be ISPM15 compliant.

Northern Ireland

At the time of writing: The Northern Ireland Protocol does not exempt shippers from the need to use ISPM 15 wooden packaging for goods bound for NI or those being imported from Northern Ireland. Until such time as the UK Gov. & the EU alter the terms of the Protocol NI should be treated as any other EU member state regarding the use of wooden pallets, wooden shipping cases, wooden crates or any other wooden packing cases & boxes.

Our Wooden Export Packing Cases are Used Across a Wide Range of Industry Sectors, Including:


We can produce custom made wooden shipping crates and cases to protect almost any machine during export. If you have a machine tool that you need to move & would like to discuss your project simply get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.


We work with many UK motor manufacturers to produce protective wooden shipping crates and cases for exporting parts and components along with very large custom packing cases for complete experimental or working prototype vehicles.


Sculpture, paintings and other valuable works of art always benefit from high quality protective packaging & we regularly produce wooden cases & crates to protect it during transit. Whether you are transporting artwork domestically around the UK or exporting it…get in touch to discuss how best to protect it.


We can manufacture tailor made packing cases for a range of telecoms & other electronic equipment in ISPM15 certified wood for export or collapsible cases in OSB which do not need certification for international use.

Exhibitions & Events

We produce cases for a number of exhibition & event companies around the country — generally when they need protective packaging that is suitable for transporting items to international events — where protective packaging needs to be IPPC ISPM15 certified.


Movement of delicate medical equipment can benefit enormously from strong protective wooden shipping crates and cases, whether it is being moved around the UK or internationally.

All of our timber shipping cases are produced with ISPM15 certified materials & are suitable packaging for export to the EU, USA, Canada and any other destination with restrictions on the import of goods in non-heat treated wooden packaging. The export cases can be configured with a range of protective linings & compartments.

Transport & Logistics

We provide a very large number of transport companies with our ISPM15 timber cases for exporting goods on behalf of their clients. We also supply our collapsible export cases which can be disassembled at delivery and returned if necessary to the sender.

Our extremely short lead times can be invaluable in this industry sector and it has helped on numerous occasions to avoid costly shipping delays when their client has discovered belatedly that their proposed wooden export packaging is not compliant.

This has become far more common since the UK left the EU. Our custom made ISPM15 wooden pallets can also be produced with relatively short lead times if there is an urgent deadline to meet.

Personal Possesions / Students

With more & more international students studying in the U.K. we’re increasingly producing wooden shipping cases for exporting their personal effects when they need to travel home at the end of term or after completing their studies.

Our heat treated wooden packing cases are also ideal for business people relocating overseas for their job and needing secure strong wooden packaging to protect their personal items during transportation.

We manufacture all of our IPPC wheat stamped or ISPM15 wooden shipping crates, cases & pallets in Coventry for customers throughout the UK.

Our large fleet of vehicles means that we can transport them quickly & efficiently once built to any part of the country — but companies buying our ISPM 15 crates & cases in Coventry, Birmingham, Rugby, Nuneaton, Solihull, Warwick or Leamington are more than welcome to collect them in their own vehicles if they wish.